Sentella Products

Today, „Žitopromet-Mlin“ JSC proudly stands behind Sentella products, loyal associates in making delicious dreams come true, from the household to the Serbian industry and beyond.

Milling capacity of the half-high mill of 250 tons of processed and milled wheat per day, enables us to satisfy with our flour with different and special characteristics, all the demands and desires of our customers by quality.

Our current product range consists of 12 different milling products, that we deliver in 7 different packaging sizes.
The family of Sentella pasta is consisted of 23 types of short, long and wrapped, without additives and cholesterol, which meet all the criteria of a healthy diet for all generations. In step with contemporary society, we understand the trend of accelerated life, therefore the preparation time of Sentella Pasta is reduced to 5 minutes.
Our production lines per day can produce up to 34 tons of pasta.

As the perfect closing of the circle and complete satisfaction for the palate, we wanted to add to a great taste a little irresistible, so sweet, almost hypnotizing scent that will fill every heart with warmth and wake up a feeling of a warm home, wherever you are. In our bakery we pay special attention to choosing the raw materials from which the bakery products are made. Those products with their taste, nutritiency and quality almost stop time while the impressive 1.800 pieces of baked bread an hour completely satisfy the needs of our region.


Uncompromising attitude in terms of quality, ie. strict control of each production process, constantly monitoring the quality and training of 200 employees, enabled us the right to the international certificate of quality management ISO 9001: 2008, as well as the right to certificates for food safety management, ISO 22000: 2005, which automatically imply certification of the HACCP system.