Bakery Products

Ah… Is there anything better than waking up to a smell of just-baked bread? While you sleep, in our bakery real magic happens! Tasty, nutritious and baked goods arise, they almost stop time and who eagerly await the first rays of the sun.
And when you wake up, that irresistible, mesmerizing fragrance will wake up together with you and the feeling of a warm home will wake up in you, wherever you are.

Special attention is given to the selection of raw materials that are used in making the 5 types of bread and 14 kinds of rolls, that each morning we send off to the table of our consumers, and that here you can get to know them better…

Sentella Breads


White bread

Bread made of T-500 flour / 600g
Ingredients: wheat flour T-500, yeast, salt, water

Half-white types of bread

Vojvodinian bread – 800g
Traditional bread – 500g
Star-shaped bread / 600g
Ingredients: wheat flour T-850, yeast, salt, water

Dutch bread – 500g

It is made from the finest wheat flour T-500, enriched with corn flour and sunflower seeds.

“Bio” bread – 500g

Made of high quality wheat flour T-850 enriched with soybean, corn and rye flour, sesame, linseed, sunflower and pumpkin seeds along with barley and oat flakes.

Rye bread – 350g

Made of high quality wheat flour T-850 and rye flour.

Sentella Fresh Rolls and Buns


Rosy crispy crust, soft spongy middle and a wonderful taste are the traits of our rolls.

Roll 50g
Pretzel 50g
Salty bar 100g
Sweet roll 60g
Roll with caraway 100g
Bun 100g
Flat bread 150g
Crackling custard 100g
Pletenica (three-strand braided loaf) 100g
Sandwich bun 200g
Braided cake 500g
Braided cake 1000g
Cocoa strudel 800g
Poppy strudel 800g