About Us

Our idea was born in 1884. when we put in to operation the first steam mill on rolls, by that we have set the foundation for today’s milling in Senta. Believing in our original idea and constant work on perfecting our product has made new possibilities. In 1957. activity of the company expanded from the production of the flour, as the main activity, to the production of pasta and bakery products. Today, „Žitopromet-Mlin“ JSC proudly stands behind Sentella products, loyal associates in making delicious dreams come true, from the household to the Serbian industry and beyond.

The position we have on the market is gained by firmly holding on to the original idea since the founding of the company, which provides the best to our users in the time we are living. By investing over 2.5 millions Euros, we turned our production of pasta and bakery products in the best and most modern ones in the country.


Storage silo capacity of 65.000 tons, an annual average of over 60.000 tons of milled wheat, milling capacity of the roll-mill of 250 tons of processed and milled wheat per day, enables us to satisfy with our flour with different and special characteristics, all the demands and desires of our customers by quality.

Our current product range consists of 12 different milling products, that we deliver in 7 different packaging sizes.


Our three automated, technically and technologicaly modern production lines can produce up to 34 tons of pasta, while the annual average is over 6.000 tons of produced pasta.
Computerized management and monitoring of the production process, leaves no room for mistakes and inequalities in the quality of finished products.

The family of Sentella pasta is consisted of 23 types of short, long and nest shaped pasta, without additives and cholesterol, which meet all the criteria of a healthy diet for all generations.


In our bakery we pay special attention to choosing the raw materials from which the bakery products are made. Those products with their taste, nutritiency and quality almost stop time while the impressive 1.800 pieces of baked bread an hour, meaning 2.200 tons bakery products a year, are made thanks to the most modern, robotised equipment, and they satisfy the needs of our region.

Our fleet of 8 vehicles ensures that the freshly baked products with irresistible aroma find their way to arrive at the table of our loyal customers.

We understand that trust is built and maintained by careful and sincere moves and we know that without quality there would be no trust of our customers, without whom there would not be our history. For this reason, a compromise does not exist as an option in the manufacturing process.
Strict control of each production process, constantly monitoring the quality and training of all employees, allowed us to gain the right to a Certificate of International Quality Management Standard ISO 9001: 2008, as well as the Certificate of International Standard for food safety management, ISO 22000: 2005, or FSSC 22000.
Without false modesty, we are proud of the results achieved in our production, which motivate us for further development and improvement.

Be a part of our successful long history of over 130 years.
Welcome to the world Sentella products.

Awards and honors

Although our greatest pleasure is the gained trust of our customers, we admit that we enjoy the praise and recognition of credible and reputable companies and institutions, as a confirmation of the success of our business.